Experience of use Arthrolon

Experience of using Arthrolon cream from Irina from St. Petersburg

Recently my elbow joint became infected. A very uncomfortable thing: it's okay not to move your hand, it hurts immediately. It spoils life very much, you have to be careful, not make sudden movements, almost only use one hand.

Diagnosed with elbow osteoarthritis. The doctor advised Arthrolon cream for joints, explaining that it is a modern effective means, but it is often counterfeited and therefore it must be bought on the official website. I found the official website and ordered - very soon a nice tube came and I started using it.

Experience with the use of cream arthrolon

How do you use the cream?

It's very simple: lubricate a sore spot three times a day. The main thing is not to miss it.

I did, and every day it got easier. The pain and swelling were gone. It has now been almost a month of use, I am finishing the course and my elbow is practically not hurting. I can move my arms normally and live a full life. The doctor said that after completing the main course, it would be possible to keep lubricating the elbow - for prevention. I think I will.

In the meantime, I decided to share my experience of using the cream as this experience was very positive. This tool really works!